Calmbience — Birds. Long Ambient 2017. Functional music for meditation, yoga, relaxing and breathing

27 февраля 2017

Not so long ago I was interested in "functional" music for meditation, relaxing, breathing and sleeping and I decided to try to write something. This is the first track by myself in this genre. I used new project name Calmbience for this direction. Below I will explain what it is and how it can be used.

Moby's latest album gave me the inspiration to make music for my meditation, yoga, practice, creativity or just to recuperate and order in mind.

I understand that many people it is even the music did not seem to. Nevertheless, in the track laid some important rules, and it performs several functions. Who in the subject, he will discover a little bit more.

There are many factors that must be considered when creating such a track. Just like that melody should not be intrusive, track speed should be adjusted in accordance with the physiology, respiration, the arrangement should not distract, but to be a "guide", as well as the choice of tone and more.

Music for meditation, vipassana, sleep, relaxation helps you to focus the mind and go in its depth easily and quickly. Even if you are not familiar with any practice, you can just sit back, get away from everything and just watch the sounds and after 17 minutes of your state of consciousness is ordered, mood changes, or there will be other interesting observations. Just let it happen.

There is a lot of music for meditation. I tried to write music based on their own practical experience. And it works! Any music or sounds that resonate with your feelings and condition, ideal to accompany the meditation. It is this music will help you get a good effect.

By the way, about the birds in the track :) It's not a sample, but the real record. They themselves "asked for it" in the track. When I drove it, they are so "in the subject" singing outside the window, I decided to make a record and allow them to become part of it. Why not?

Enjoy the track and share you experience in comments. Your feedback is most important for me! Thank you for listening!