KillReall And Talina — I’m In Love [Juan Smooth Remix] Deep House, House, Classic House

27 февраля 2017

Let's go back a bit in the past, when I became interested in house music. The song was recorded and released in 2011 on House Tribe Records. The release other than the original version included remixes by George Vibes, Steve Beltran, YGT and Juan Smooth. Later, in 2013, the track entered the compilation Summer Compilation by House Tribe Records.

The original of this track stylized classic house sound with simple disco parties and funky bass line and of course enchanting vocals. The track was repeatedly performed live and find of a large audience due to its simplicity and perfectly matched components.

In the video presented a remix of this track, which has a lounge and deep sound by producer and DJ Juan Smooth (Los Angeles, CA).

2011 has long been over, but nonetheless very pleased to recall the songs that were the basis of my work and successfuly stay in my discography.

Genres: Deep House, House, Classic House